About Us

Directorate of Student Counseling Services

The Directorate of Student Counseling Services aims to help students live as happy and successful a university life as they can by assisting them in resolving any academic or administrative issues they may run into while attending school. In line with this goal; In order to contribute to the development of our students’ social and cultural accumulation, they are encouraged to participate in activities such as student communities, faculty/department activities, activities of research centers and career days within the university. In order to maximize the academic success of our students, individual interviews and group work are carried out to raise the level of awareness.


ARELIM (MyAREL) system has been developed so that our students can contact their advisors quickly and reach all the units they want to get information/support within the university. With ARELIM (MyAREL) Portal, students can receive services by requesting face-to-face or online interviews from their advisors. Our students can use https://arelim.arel.edu.tr/ or ARELIM Mobile Application to meet with your student advisors in academic, social, professional or any subject you want to consult.


As a graduate of Istanbul Arel University, the Student Counseling Services Directorate will always support our students to discover their talents, acquire cultural background, have the qualifications to follow the developments in their profession and evaluate their university life in the most efficient way.


We wish you success throughout your academic life.

Best regards.